Free and Best Music Downloader You Can Use For iOS Devices

People who are using android have wide variety of music downloader apps but most of them are nothing but a piece of crap whereas there are limited apps for iOS as compared to android but most of them are awesome. Some of those music download apps are for both android and iOS, in fact most of them.

It’s not about comparison, it’s about music. So lets change the focus from OS to music apps. It totally depend on your requirements and needs, if you are an English song lover then there is something for you, if you love Bollywood music then there is different music downloader app, at the end it’s all about the user’s requirements

Free Music Downloader For iOS Users

best music downloader

The apps we’re gonna list are big names in the field of music and they can surely help iOS devices users in getting their favorite music.

1.) AudioMack

One of the best music download app for iOS to get free music and mixtapes. The average rating for this app on iTunes is 4.5 and on Google play store it’s again 4.5, so it is clear users are quite satisfied with the app and it’s music.

I also got awesome results when I tested the app on my device. So it should be a great music download app to have on your gadget.

2.) SoundCloud

Like I said earlier, the apps listed below are big names, here comes another, SoundCloud, which is in the top charts since years and is still being loved not only by downloaders but also by music creators since they can share their art on SoundCloud and get free publicity.

3.) Rockmyrun

Now this is something interesting and unique. This music download app is actually for gym freaks, those who workout will surely love this app, workout means putting in energy and this is what the app does, it gives you controls using which you can make a slow song run faster, you can increase it’s frequency and it looks so awesome after that.

This music app deserves to be in your phone if you are a fitness freak.

Hope you liked these best music downloader for iOS devices. Just install any one of them or all of them and enjoy the music.


Welcome to The One and Only Music Blog

Why the one and only? Because it’s mine 😛 Welcome my dearest readers to the blog which is dedicated to music lovers, or should I use the word freak because we people are just crazy about music.

We all one thing in common, whenever there is a problem the first thing we do is listen to the music which gives us a feeling of relaxation, isn’t it? I think so.

We do get bored of the same music time and again and that’s why we need something else in our lives, we need new music, we need fresh content and finding new music is not that easy especially when you are relying on google for that. It would become just too difficult to find music from there.

So here I am, in your help. I will listing here the best ever music download apps and sites which can give you desired music in a matter of click only.

Just keep visiting and you will get here something which you have never ever imagined.